C.W. Jung Institute San Francisco

Verdigris Façade

Jung Institute San Francisco, CA 2022
Commissioned by Carl W. Jung Institute with Trachtenberg Architects
Glazed ceramic tile and steel

The facade design for the Carl W. Jung Institute on Mission Street in San Francisco with variegated greens with matte and shiny tactile surfaces of glazed brick tiles span the six pillars and the upper façade. Pillars are individually articulated by patterns in white tile reflective of abstracted elements appearing universally in folk art. The geometric patterns speak to connection, direction and relationships. 

Verdigris is emblematic of movement as a color made from change. When copper goes from a tawny brown towards blue-green there is metamorphosis. Verdigris holds the past. The newly located institute contains a library and gallery and is a center for training, counseling and community events in the heart of the Mission District.