Four Songs of Motion

Four Songs of Motion 2011

92 x 136 inches

enamel paint on cast acrylic with stainless steel attachments

Commissioned by Los Angeles County Arts Commission

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Four Songs of Motion is a collaboration between visual artist Amy Trachtenberg and landscape architect Jeffrey Miller for The Olive View / UCLA Urgent Care Mental Health Clinic serving Los Angeles County. With multiple elements, the duo created two integrated outdoor pieces and two interior artworks that address the aspirations of the mental health clinic. Approaching the facility and linking to the interior paths, the stained concrete stepping stones are embedded with conjoining steel circles representing intersecting relationships. Inside the waiting area, the Suspended Sculpture is a Tantric inspired triangular piece made from 26 hand-painted cast acrylic disks with patterns recalling the name Sylmar which means “sea of trees.” The reverse side of the sculpture reflects a mirror–like quality reminiscent of reflections in water. A twelve-foot high architecturally scaled painting on wood panel playfully juxtaposes chromatic, organic and geometric pattern variations. Extending the length of the open-air courtyard is “The Horizon Sliver,” a series of diamond-shaped polycarbonate panels casting a multi-hued prism of warm hues into the garden space. With interlocking circles and repetitive motifs the artworks reflect the goals for a dignified, restorative environment for clients and staff of the mental health facility.

The Trachtenberg / Miller artworks were commissioned by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission under the County’s Civic Art Program. The new 10,000 square foot facility on the Olive View-UCLA Medical Center campus provides mental health urgent care services and follow-up care for clients and their family members, with approximately 7,500 served annually. The design of the facility and the artwork supports the Department of Mental Health's focus on hope, wellness and recovery.