AMY TRACHTENBERG Constructions mixed media installation
Waiting for the Barbarians
mixed media installation

Waiting for the Barbarians 2017 Right Window / ATA San Francisco
Norma Cole of Right Window Collective invited me to do a show at the storefront gallery in SF. The exhibit would be seen solely from the street 24/7. It was one month after the Trump election, I was reading J.M. Coetzee’s “Waiting for the Barbarians, “I have never seem anything like it” begins the novel.

“Be patient, one of these days
he will go away,
one of these days
quiet will return:
then our siestas will grow longer and our swords

A rectangular stack of piled cloth, pads, sweaters and rugs stacked precariously high and bound together by itself. A tractor tire sits to the side holding a scumbled mirror in the void misquoting the quote on the wall. Painted shadow patterns reshape the space. Palm fronds culled from the ground after the January storms are bound and propped upside down like notes from the natural world.

As I write this, the president’s immigration order is being argued: State of Washington, et al. v. Donald J. Trump
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